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We are in this together! Everyone has a different journey, you just need the right motivation to begin, and you’re headed the right way!

We still pursue our professional sporting careers. We believe that sport is something that keeps you on track even when motivation fails to do so..
Does that mean you need to pursue a sport to be a part of our community? Absolutely not!
Challenge yourself everyday, a challenge can be anything. For one person, it’s getting to a 5 mile run, for the other it’s getting 10k steps accounted for every single day.
We also believe that everyone has a different journey and in the end, you should only compete against yourself, to see the best results and to be content with the same results!
Discipline is hard to achieve but not impossible, so pick a challenge and work hard for it and we’ll be there to motivate you every step of the way!
Through our experiences, we wish to drive you and spark that desire to make fitness and health not just a part of your life but a way of life!

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Everyone has a different source of motivation. For some, it’s an aesthetic goal, for some it’s a journey towards a better lifestyle and for some it’s simply the feeling of working out with your group of buddies!
If you’re a passenger in this train and always feel that you’re motivated more with a group pushing you to do better or with a trainer guiding you every step of the way then join our virtual training sessions!

Mannybee101 online training perks

  • At home workouts, can be done from wherever you are.
  • All you need is a WiFi and you are good to go!
  • 24/7 support via Whatsapp/Instagram.
  • No equipment needed or necessary.
  • Stronger everyday!

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Mannybee101 community perks
  • Motivation, encouragement & support.
  • Workout tips, fitness tips, recipes, giveaways & more!
  • Honest advice and feedback.
  • No judgements.
  • Updates on new challenges, workshops, group workouts & more.
  • Stronger everyday!
I wasn't the kind of person who used to stick to her workout schedule, but they have made me fall in love with working out and fitness.
- Vaishali Soni
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