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Sports Shaped Us into what we are today.

We have been playing football for the better part of our lives. It is through this sport that we crossed paths and honestly, creating our brand for S&C was one big accident! We met via the local football scene in the city, we started training together preparing for our individual football endeavors (Professional club football for Manny and National camp for Bee). Over the course of our football careers which is still something we train for every single day, we decided to study further into strength and conditioning, since it’s such an important aspect of any sport and it’s still something that’s novice and budding in the country. 

We wanted to help athletes just like us. Help them reach their maximum potential in their respective sport by building strong foundations with strength and conditioning in addition to their technical prep. With this goal in mind, we took to social media and started showcasing our trainings and lifestyle through videos and pictures. We realized that a lot of people with a non sporting background came to us seeking for guidance too. What started just as a hobby, quickly turned into passion and helping others exercise, eat cleaner and stay motivated is something that drives us every single day apart from football which will always be there! 

We want to help you!

We want to share with you all the tools and skills that can be used to achieve your goals whether they are sports based or general fitness based, whether they are aesthetic based or just a step towards living a healthier life.

We are here for you.

Become the best possible
version of yourself
Train the Right Way!
The Mannybee Way!

What We Are Passionate About

Apart from football & fitness, ofcourse!


our girl's team


Our Mission

We are here to form a culture.
We are well aware that motivation does not last long
but discipline does and we want you to grow both
mentally and physically into stronger individuals.
We train on simple principles, where our workouts are
simple but not easy.

We value quality over quantity and want you to give
your 100% no matter what your 100% is at that

We value you.

Let us guide you through your fitness journey.

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